Idaho Department of Labor - Employer Update
What do I do if my employees refuse to return to work?
Please email details including when the employee was asked to return to work and how the offer was made at Do not include the employee’s Social Security number to help prevent identity theft.
How do I let you know when my employees return to work?
Please use the New Hire reporting process available at the Idaho Department of Labor New Hire page.
Are my employees required to report the payments I have made to them while they have been furloughed and receiving unemployment insurance benefits?
Yes. If you have reason to believe they are not, please email us at
Do I have an obligation to notify employees at the time of separation from employment of the availability of unemployment compensation?
Yes. Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (PL 116-127), employers must notify employees about unemployment benefits at the time of separation. Sample language can be found here.

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