Private School Financial Management

ND Business Solutions offers a broad array of accounting & bookkeeping services for private schools of all sizes. We have specialized solutions for private schools that provide private school administrators with accurate information and tools to help ensure the financial health of the school.

We understand the unique challenges and demands of schools and their staff. At NDBS, we strive to ensure that school administrators have the time to educate their students, instead of worrying about their accounting & finances. Please explore the services we offer, and contact us to see how our solutions can give your school the advantage.

We are here to help.

Solutions for Private Schools

Accounts Payable Management

Let ND Business Solutions manage Accounts Payable for your school. Remove worry and confusion regarding your bills by letting our experienced team manage them. Save time tracking down payments or waiting on hold with vendors. Send your bills to us, we’ll process them and send checks back for you to sign.

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Financial Reporting Service

Knowledge is power, and with the Financial Reporting Service you are provided with critical information on the financial health of your school. We prepare comprehensive monthly and annual reports for your school. Our reports include written summaries that presents and interprets key information in clear and accessible language.

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Tuition & Receivables Management

We provide secure, efficient, and professional accounting services for your school at an affordable price. Student history and balances, extracurricular activities and fundraisers, everything is meticulously documented and processed so you can save more time for educating bright young minds. With NDBS, you’ll always know where you are financially.

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Planning & Budgeting

From achieving short-term to long-term financial goals, our Planning & Budgeting Service will help your success. Our team can work with you to create annual budgets, develop strategies to overcome cash-flow problem, or to improve your finances in general. This will help you to keep your school fiscally healthy and work towards achieving financial goals.

Bank Statement Reconciliation & Monitoring

Give yourself peace of mind by having ND Business Solutions reconcile and monitor your bank accounts. From making sure your records match the bank statement, to identifying fraudulent activities in your account- you will be stress free knowing that your accounts are being monitored.

Online Registration

Receiving, processing, and organizing registration can be stressful, especially when you do not have an effective way of doing so.  ND Business Solutions also can provide an online registration solution. Find out more about how this secure, persistent, and easy to use system can work for your school.

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We understand that many private & charter schools may not have the same abundant financial resources available to them as many conventional schools have. At NDBS we do not think this should prohibit private & charter schools from getting the professional results they need. We offer our services at a price point that schools can afford, without sacrificing the quality they require.

We are currently organizing our popular school services in convenient packages for you. In the meantime, please complete our quote form and we will show you that quality accounting & bookkeeping does not have to be expensive.